Get Involved

Powerful is working with a number of world experts in climate science, climate communications, data, branding, behavioral economics and energy to make climate change relatable, and then make it easy for people to offset their impact and use less of things that contribute to climate change.

If you’re a mission-driven student looking for an internship or a professional with relevant skills who deeply cares about climate change, we’re interested in talking to you.

Please email 
[email protected] 
and tell us about yourself.

Roles Powerful is aiming to fill include:


  • Writers and editors
  • Social media specialists, including community managers and social producers (we’d love to find a meme expert or two)
  • SEO specialists
  • Celebrity and influencer outreach specialists


  • Online ad ops specialists
  • Offline ad ops specialists
  • Ad creatives
  • Performance marketing specialists
  • Content syndication specialists
  • Campus ambassadors
  • Research analysts


  • Developers
  • Designers